Job Seeker Package

Why don’t we offer recruiting services?

At HRI Consulting, we strongly believe that the best person to sell yourself, is you! And sometimes you just need the tools and resources to get there. We are different from many other immigration and recruiting agents in that we believe that by providing the proper foundation and understanding of how to search for a job in Canada, anyone is more than capable of getting their own job offer. BUT, you are only as successful as you want to be, meaning, yes, you will have to search and apply for jobs yourself. Now you are probably asking the question, why don’t I just pay someone to help me find a job? Here are some of the differences between our services and the services of a recruitment agency.


Our Services

Our Job Seeker Package will give you all the support and advice from start to finish when searching for a job in Canada. We will explain the proper etiquettes of job searching, where to look for jobs, and the best way to grab the hiring manager’s attention. Our package includes:

  • Review resume and make necessary changes and recommendations;
  • Advise on where to search for job openings based on desired settlement area in Alberta;
  • Suggest companies/businesses to contact (if applicable, depending on candidate’s experience and current economic situation);
  • Best practices on who to contact and how to follow-up on your application; and
  • Prepare for interview/tests related to job offer.

Sounds like a lot of work? Well, yes it is! Finding a job, any job, and especially in a different country is no easy task, but with our expert advice and guidance, we will show you how to increase your chances of obtaining a job offer. We have years of experience in recruiting foreign workers and can give you advice on how to stand out from the rest of the applicants, and determine what locations and businesses are most likely to consider hiring foreign workers.


How Recruitment Agencies Work

Recruitment agencies charge a fee to help connect the job seeker and the employer, and the agent becomes the middle man. They communicate on your behalf, and decide how often, and who, to send your resume to. The agent is in full control of whether or not you get a job, in addition to the hundreds, or even thousands of other resumes they have to place. How much time have you spent with this agent? Do they know you personally, do they know your skills, and are they looking out for your best interests? And what about the employer’s best interest? There are too many factors that are out of your control. If the process sounds too good to be true, it probably is. We’re not saying that recruitment agencies are bad, but if you work for yourself, the chances of getting a job offer will be much higher, and much more rewarding.