Individual Services

At HRI Consulting, we specialize in various areas of Canadian Immigration. Our experts have years of experience and have successfully helped Clients from all different backgrounds and circumstances.

Visitor Visa

There are different types of Visitor Visa's and can include; Temporary Resident Visa, Super Visa and Electronic Travel Authorizations (eTA)


If you want to attend an educational institution in Canada for programs or courses longer than 6-months, you will need a study permit

Work Visa

There are different types of Work Visa's which include: Working Holiday Visa, Open Work Permits and Employer Sponsored Work Permits.

Permanent Residency

Express Entry (EE) is Canada’s quickest, and most efficient permanent residency process.

Provincial Nominee

You may qualify for Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs), we can assess your eligibility.

Family Sponsorship

There are different types of Family Sponsorship's which include; Spousal Sponsorship, Parents & Grandparent Sponsorship & Child Sponsorship.


Eligibility assessment and application for your Canadian citizenship