Labour Market Impact Assessment

Labour Market Impact Assessment, or better known as LMIA, is of the many options which employers can hire foreign talent. The process is complex and various stages including an advertisement period, recruitment efforts, and an interview. HRI has processed hundreds of successful LMIAs and are well versed with the program.

LMIA’s Include: 

  • Low-Wage Stream
  • High-Wage Stream
  • Permanent Residency
  • Caregivers

Who can hire a temporary foreign worker under the LMIA program?

There are multiple reasons why an employer would need to hire a temporary foreign worker. It could be due to a labor shortage, filling a talent gap, or hard to fill roles which cannot be fulfilled by Canadian talent. An employer must be a registered business with the CRA, present a genuine job offer, and have the financially stability to fulfill that offer. There are many factors for eligibility including regional unemployment rates, wage and position offered, prior participation in the temporary foreign worker program, and more. We recommend an initial consultation with one of HRI’s experts before committing to the LMIA process. 

What is the processing time?

Processing times will vary depending on which sub-category of LMIA an employer is pursuing and can range from 10 business days to 6 months.

What fees are employers responsible for?

The fee for all LMIA categories, with the exception of the permanent residency pathway, is $1,000 per position. Employers must commit to paying this fee and it cannot be recuperated or deducted from the employee.

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