Labour Market Impact Assessment – Exempt

LMIA-exempt pathways are considered hidden gems within the Canadian immigration system. At HRI, we feel triumphant when we can find LMIA-exempt pathways for employers to hire their international talent, while avoiding the tedious and lengthy process of an LMIA. As there are a multitude of options available, we recommend that employers speak with one of HRI’s representatives.

LMIA’s Exempt Include: 

  • International Mobility Program (Intracompany Transfers, Mobilité Francophone Program)
  • Free Trade Agreements (USMCA/NAFTA, CETA)
  • International Experience – Young Professionals
  • Canadian Interests

Who can hire a temporary foreign worker under the LMIA-exempt program?

An employer must be a registered business with the CRA, present a genuine job offer, and have the financially stability to fulfill that offer. There are many factors for eligibility including citizenship of the potential hire, language skills, company structure, and more.

What is the processing time?

Processing times depend on processing office of the country in which the employee resides, and can range from an instant port of entry application to more than 6 months.

What fees are employers responsible for?

The fee for all LMIA-exempt categories is $230 per position. Employers must commit to paying this fee and it cannot be recuperated or deducted from the employee.

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